Spooler restart required to flush network printouts from queue

By kenneth.skoge ·
I am having the most bizarre problem.
Our HP Color LaserJet 2600n has been working fine for months, but lately I have had to restart the Print Spooler in order for all network printouts to be sent to the printer. Printouts made locally on the server print without problems, but if a client attempts to print, this job clogs the queue until the spooler is restarted. Then all jobs are printed without error.

The only trace I have been able to find in the Event Log of this, are two messages in the System category that say that 1) "Document 2, Local Downlevel Document owned by SYSTEM was deleted on HP Color LaserJet 2600n" and 2) "Document 6, Test Page owned by <username> was printed on HP Color LaserJet 2600n via port IP_192.168.10.245. Size in bytes: 210412; pages printed: 1"

The above messages are fired only _after_ the spooler service is restarted.

Before this started occurring (but not immediately; after more than a week) I successfully updated the printer firmware to the latest version. I also updated the printer driver to support Vista.

Anyone who can give me a hint? Two full days of troubleshooting, and still getting nowhere..

Thanks a lot for your time!

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by colmgdonnelly In reply to Spooler restart required ...

In your printer options ensure that you have selected to print directly to printer and not to spool. (depends on your memory on the printer, mostly you will be fine with this option) Therefore no spooling will be required and this problem will be solved. Also try roll back your new driver (the one with vista capablillity) Vista should load all Hp drivers without issue.
Hope any of this helps!

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Same Issue

by support In reply to Spooler restart required ...


I am having the exact same issue with the same printer, were you able to solve the problem?


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same issue for me!!

by kent In reply to Spooler restart required ...

Yes, I am having the exact same issue. Even the same model printer you have.

Did you solve the problem?

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by kent In reply to Spooler restart required ...

I've solved the problem. At least for my company.

I was having the exact same problem as you. Needed to restart spooler service. Odd errors in the event viewer (same exact ones). I narrowed it down to some kind of security/permissions conflict. What it turned out to be was corrupted HP drivers. Reinstalling the drivers won't help. Somehow our computers had a conflict with the HP printer ports. After creating a tcp/ip network port to the printer's ip address. I went into the printer's properties and changed the port from it's HP port to the newly created tcp/ip port on the clients computer.

If you still have problems try adding the user as with full rights to the printer's security settings.

Hope this helps.

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Printer Isntolation

by benn_bh In reply to Spooler restart required ...

If I tray to Install Hpleserjet 2600n printer to my laptop which has Window Vista and gives massage(spooler system is close restarting the spooler system. Please can you help me!

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Our solution for Win2003 print server

by tim In reply to Spooler restart required ...

We got the above problem when moving the print queue to a Win2003 server. Before this, it was running on Win2000 without problems.

Resolution with restarting print Spooler only good for clearing a deleted print. We fixed the problem when disabling the "Unidirectional printing" option in the driver settings on the server. Besides this alle users are "Print Admins" not sure if this is needed too.

We believe that the problem is part HP driver, part security setting based, with printer not allowed to "talk back" to the server.

Sad HP support themselfes didnt know this.

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This Solution works.

by john.nelmes In reply to Our solution for Win2003 ...

We have 2 HP 2600n printers (amongst others) on a Windows 2003 server. One of the printers stopped printing and creating a backlog. I could only get rid of the print jobs to that printer by restarting the print spooler on the server. By following the method above of diabling "Unidirectional Printing", the printer no longer has problems. Thank for the tip.

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