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    Spooler system wont start in Vista Ultimate


    by mike_uribe ·

    I just upgraded to Vista Ultimate from xp home. Just wondering if anyone can tell me why i can’t get my print spooler system to work? I can’t add a printer at all. I went into the system services and i can’t get it to start? Does anyone have any idea how to get this started? I have rebooted and everything.

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      by mike_uribe ·

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      Well if you upgraded you should have a Retail Version

      by hal 9000 ·

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      So you can ring M$ Technical Support without cost to you and get a solution to the problem.

      If you want something in the meantime as a possible solution you can try the Windows Vista Community here

      Just remember that XP drivers are not Vista drivers so you need Vista drivers to make the things work correctly.

      If you did an In place Install which effectively over wrote the existing install of XP I would suggest that you wipe the HDD with something like Boot & Nuke available here

      And perform a clean install of Vista which may cure any problems that you do have. Just remember to backup any data that you have on the system first but if you followed the directions on the Upgrade Version you’ve already done this so it shouldn’t be an issue.

      What should happen with the Upgrade is that you install to a blank unformatted HDD from that and you’ll be asked to insert the Old Install CD into the DVD Drive to prove that you have the right to the Upgrade version and then you’ll be prompted to replace the Vista DVD at some latter point before the actual install begins.

      At the Vista Community you can get drivers and ask questions but from the little that Ive seen of it the answers are not to be trusted a great deal as it appears to be end users suggesting things to try to other end users and I’ve even seen some less that complementary suggestions to go ask elsewhere.


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