Spoolsv.exe Taking Over

By jobrika ·
I have a Dell Optiplex, with Windows XPPro SP2. The Print Spooler is taking over the system, 99% processor. I stop the spooler, processor returns to normal, however, no printer are available until I restart the spooler.

I have cleaned the c:\windows\system32\spoolsv.exe file, and cleaned the \spooler directory.

Ran several virus cleaners, cleaned files, etc..

All to no avail. Anyone have a clue or suggeston?

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Bad Printer Driver

by jwalker In reply to Spoolsv.exe Taking Over

Normally I see a printer driver as the cause of this issue. Sometimes launchning a program will cause the PC to pratically lock up. We have in the past stopped the spooler serviec, deleted all printers, re added the printers using new drivers.

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Vista +spoolsv.exe

by rikki.walker In reply to Spoolsv.exe Taking Over

I have an old inkjet which has been faithful & worked well until I encountered the problem you had. I have stopped the print spooler, deleted the files from sys32/spool/printers, but my printer will not work at all - the same problem happens again.
HP (printer manufacturers) say to use a generic driver, which looking at other posts, seems may bee the problem.
Any ideas?

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by sauravrohilla In reply to Spoolsv.exe Taking Over

exclude the spooler folder from antivirus scan, clean the print hive, make sure no printer is using third party print processor and print monitor, they have to be default microsoft.
clean *.bud , *.spl,.*shd files and remove all the version 2 drivers if you are not using it..
use process explorer to find out if there is any third party thread loading under spoolsv..

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by sauravrohilla In reply to Spoolsv.exe Taking Over

Download the Process Explorer from and have the symbols configured for it. You can check the help of the process explorer to see how to set the symbol server path and open the Spoolsv.exe in the process explorer when it spikes and can check what all threads are loading unders it. There are chances it is due to a third party driver.

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