Sporadic Blank Screen on Dell Inspiron 530 with Vista.

By peter ·
Non-professional computer user, limited experience but saddled with a DELL that misbehaves:
DELL Inspiron 530 about 2008, running Vista Home Premium, a regular nightmare that seems illogical. Monitor screen goes blank at any old time. Black screen appears and then displays '1: Auto detect..... entering power save', then turns off, PC is still running. I have to re-boot to re-gain normal working.
Can't get any sense out of DELL, is this a known problem with the Inspiron?
This fault has only recently shown itself, and is happening once or twice a day.
The PC and the monitor can be 'on' for several hours during the day, and the problem happens at least once a day, sometimes twice, when it happens a second time it is often just 15 or 20 minutes after re-booting.

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At a guess the reason that Dell is Unhelpful

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Sporadic Blank Screen on ...

Is because they don't have a clue as to what is happening here. Most times when things like this happen it's because of a Hardware Failure or a Software Conflict.

The easy to test this is to use a Boot Disc and leave it running. So something like either the Ultimate Boot CD which can be set to a endless test like a CPU Test

or a Live Linux

can be used to test the hardware for correct function. If there is a Hardware problem with NB's it's quite often related to Heat and as NB's get hot a lot of them just suffer Electronic Failures after a time and the only real solution is to buy a new one or replace the M'Board.

I personally supply Cool Pads with every new NB to minimize this from happening and from my experience every NB should have a Coll Pad like this one from Antec under it 100% of the time.

If it's a Software conflict that's a lot harder to track down and fix but you need to look at what was changed just prior to this starting to happen though removing the offending Application may not be the cure you may need to wipe and reload from scratch which is quite often the easier way to proceed when things like this happen.

Very often just reloading the system will cure the problem mainly because all of the Hat Fixes and so on do not need to be applied like they where over time as the OS gets patched.


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