Sporadic File Corruption

By karen ·
Hi. I'm experiencing a frustrating problem, and could really use some help.

My 9-month old laptop (ASUS Z84J body, Intel Core2 7200 processor, 2gb ram, GeForce GO7700 graphics card, IntelPRO 3495ABG wireless card, 100gb HD) is running XP-Pro. From the day it was purchased, it was protected by AVG Antivirus software and Spyware Doctor. About three months ago, I began finding random, sporadic files that seem to be corrupt. Typically, I would be scrolling down a list of files, and when the indicated file is highlighted, clicked on, copied, or opened, the computer hangs up. It either slows to a crawl for several minutes, or it freezes completely.

I've run chkdsk on restart, defragged, scanned with both the antivirus and the spyware program, and have found NOTHING to indicate why this is happening. The only solution I've found is to simply delete the file and empty the trash. When this is done, the hanging-up stops. Until, of course, ANOTHER file appears with this issue. I'm terrified that, one of these days, it will strike something important.

I'd really like to know how to diagnose the problem -- much less fix it! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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HDD utility

by cmiller5400 In reply to Sporadic File Corruption

Download the testing utility from the HDD manufacturer's site and run it. (Make sure that you have your important data backed up if you can.

Western Digital -
Hitachi -

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NTFS file compression enabled?

by robo_dev In reply to Sporadic File Corruption

NTFS file compression can cause this symptom...disable it if it's enabled.

Get a second opinion on the Virus a google search for 'online virus check' and follow the 'trendy' link.

File corruption could be a sign of impending disk failure. The safest bet would be to make a full backup and then download/run diagnostics for that particular hard drive.

The hard drive could have some bad sectors if it is handled roughly when the drive is spinning. The diagnostics may or may not catch that, but chkdisk normally would.

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