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    Sportster Modem Problems


    by vollie6 ·

    Just bought a cheap PC, for my kid’s school lessons. Have been on the internet already, however, this morning when I tried to connect, a window popped up saying “Winmodem VxD is not responding”. I checked Details and went to Device Manager. Everything is working properly.

    Have moved the modem to a different slot and it still doesn’t recognize it.

    I still cannot connect to the internet. What else should I be looking at? Do I reinstall the drivers?


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      Reply To: Sportster Modem Problems

      by vinnyd ·

      In reply to Sportster Modem Problems

      The VxD is a software driver file.

      Try going into the control panel.

      Then the modem icon.

      Remove the modem.

      then reboot to clean the windows registry settings.

      After windows boots backup, install the modem drivers again.

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      Reply To: Sportster Modem Problems

      by budthegrey ·

      In reply to Sportster Modem Problems

      Vinny’s anser is correct in that you’ll likely have to remove the modem drivers & re-install. However.

      do yourself a favor; remove the internal modem, & fling it in the trash. Being a WinModem, it offload work to the main CPU that a real modem knows how to do by itself.

      Run down to staples and buy a good EXTERNAL modem (USrobotics or Zoom are my favorites).

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