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Spotify music

By Kirschfeld ·
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Hello guys,

I understand that one can save music from spotify and transfer to mobile devices but I don´t quite know how this is done and what is needed for this. Can someone who has experience regarding this advise?

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Spotify music

by Olaf22 In reply to Spotify music

Music from spotify, as well as other streaming services can't be saved directly to your hard but there are streaming recorders that will make a copy and save to different desired formats. you can try Audials Tunebite:
however, you should never give out these files, as it would be illegal. They should only be kept for personal use.

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RE: Spotify music

by RS_Darwin In reply to Spotify music

You can only download music from Spotify if you're subscribed to Spotify Premium. You might be running the free version that's the reason why you can't see a download option.

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by Lee.Amir In reply to Spotify music

AFAIK, you' be able to save song only if you're on premium. Not sure if that's what's happening on your end though.

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by sarahsokolov In reply to Premium.

This guide offers several solutions:
Hope one of them works for you!

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by PaulineGreening In reply to Premium.

You should be able to save the song on your device for offline listening using the Spotify app using a premium account but you cannot transfer or send it to another device as if it's a mp3 saved on your device would.

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by white52 In reply to Spotify music

Personaly i dont like this app but idea is good , im more old shool like to download mp3 files :)

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