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    Spread too thin?


    by bamseus ·

    I work at a company with about 120 users, 25 of those are off-site sales people.
    The IT department consist of the IT manager, a project manager that spends 100% of his time implementing a new bar-coding system, the BPCS guy that works on the BPCS/AS400 system, and then me that works on all PCs.
    I’m responsible for the Exchange server, BES server, AD, helpdesk system, backups, all 100 desktops, 25 laptops, 75% of the phone system (PBX), ACT, production label printers, etc. Basically if there’s any kind of problem with a PC, I’ll fix it, broken fans to broken Excel links, production label printers to pulling phone lines.
    Do you think I’m spread too thin, or this is a normal work load for most support It staff? I love my job but feel like I don’t have enough time to make everything run at it’s best.

    Thank you

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      The way to tell

      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to Spread too thin?

      Are you able to take a two week vacation?

      If you are not able to take a vacation, there is not enough coverage of the tasks.

      We have a three person staff, but we have the ability to cover for the others, so we can have one person gone and be fine. We can get by for a day with two gone, but barely, if everything is in autopilot mode.

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      Sick days

      by mjd420nova ·

      In reply to Spread too thin?

      It sounds as if you have very little spare time. It could turn bad very fast if you are hit with a multiple failure such as a fire in one location or a lightning strike. If you have no one to back you up, then you are headed for trouble. I service three times as many users and equipment but I have a backup guy who can fill in and I do get to take as much as three weeks vacation or sick leave. I do two different jobs in Alaska, twice a year for three weeks, once in January and again in July, from which I just returned. I will take two weeks vacation in August and my backup guy will again do an exemplary job. We actually have seven guys who can all fill in for each other and are familiar with each others locations and setups. This is very important as we do have major outages that strike from time to time and we need to gang tackle the major events to get things back on an even keel before the users get a chance to complain. I’d look into getting someone else trained to fill in should the need occur.

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