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Spring Cleaning

By zippo84 ·
Ok,so I'm going through all the ways I know of to remove all the garbage from my computer. Defrag, running anti-spyware programs, etc. Does anyone know of any other ways to help clean up a computer. I want to do as complete a clean up as possible. It doesn't really matter if I have to pay for programs or not. Please post links if possible.

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by zippo84 In reply to Spring Cleaning

I apologize for the apparent lack of proper punctuation. I should proof read... lol.

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by Roseon In reply to Spring Cleaning

well what im about to say might be an annoying way but go around looking for whatever is useless to you and deleting it? or use add and remove program and remove things that are not needed that take alot of memery.

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by zlitocook In reply to Spring Cleaning

Have you tried Window washer? The first time I ran it, it removed 500 mb of junk.

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by salvi In reply to Spring Cleaning

1. Go to Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs and remove any software that you do not use.

2. Browse through all user's Documents and Settings deleting anything that is not needed (cookies, history, temp files, etc.)

3. Start> Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Disk Cleanup.

4. Right click HD> Select Properties> Select Tools. Run both Error checking and Defrag.

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by TheChas In reply to Spring Cleaning

Beyond cleaning out mal-ware and old unused programs, don't forget your cache files and temp folders.

Recent Documents is another good folder to clean out that will speed things up.

Review both the applications that load at startup and place icons in the system tray, and any quick launch links you have.

Clean up the desktop. If you don't use a link at least once a week, you can survive if the link is only in the start menu.

In a similar vein, check your list of favorites for your browser, and your address book.

Personally, I find it even more beneficial to clean out the registry.

CAUTION: Changes to the registry can cause problems and may even make your system not boot.
Proceed with due care and caution.

Of the major software packages for cleaning the registry, I like System Suite from V-Com software.

Norton SystemWorks also does a decent job.

System Mechanic from Ilio Systems also has a registry cleaner.

Another decent registry cleaner is Registry First Aid from Rose City Software.

General advice on items that the software packages find but do not mark as safe to remove / change, leave these entries alone unless you know they are bad.


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by mjd420nova In reply to Spring Cleaning

All of my software loaded onto any machine is kept in one of those CD binders, including the OS. In the event of serious problems and a complete cleanup is needed, I will wipe it clean by deleting the partition, reinstalling a new partition and reformat and reload everything. Normally during a system build up, I have to do this several times in order to get everything to play nice together, so I also have an install order to follow also.

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by unni_kcpm In reply to Spring Cleaning

Check this out !

Tune-Up Utilities 2006.

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by Revman In reply to Spring Cleaning

You might try a programme called Ashampoo WinOptimizer. Not expensive and it offers a One Click cleaning process for defrag, registery clean etc., if you don't want to customize a specific part of the software. I've used it for a while now and it does keep Widows running well without the danger of loosing essential stuff. If you're confident enough, it does provide for a more selective cleaning process. Good luck

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by mpatten In reply to Spring Cleaning

You may want to try using Optimize 1.5 from I have good results in using it, along with the use of Adaware and SpyBot Search & Destroy. Of course you still need to do the Disk Clean-up and Defrag, but these aforementioned items have been working well for me.

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by CannyTyneLad In reply to Spring Cleaning

I also use two free programs called Cleanup! and Easycleaner. Both do a good job but Cleanup! is a bit more aggresive and won't save deleted files to the recycle bin. I ran Cleanup! on my neighbours PC and it deleted over 21000 temporary files!

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