Sprint Mobile Broadband Data Network and PC Card IP's

By mikeresnick ·
I am considering getting Sprint Mobile Broadband for my PC LapTop as the speed seems reasonable.

What I don't know is this:

1. When I log on to the network from my PC Laptop am I assigned a new IP address each time? I don't mean internally (like a router ip being assigned with DHCP) I mean from Sprint like you would if you had a dial up modem? Like if you were to go to and check. I'm asking because I want to do what I am asking next below and wonder if I need to buy a "static" IP?

As an example what I am asking is if I log in from my house would I get the same IP each time but a different IP from say the local coffee shop that is say 3 miles away?

2. I have been reading about the Kyrocera router option that allows you to use the Broadband card with a home network. Can I use this router to set up a local network that runs on wires and is not wireless? (I don't want to buy wireless cards for the desktops) I mean could I replace my old netgear router/switch and hook my desktop PC's to the network? I know this would be slower than cable but supposedly faster than DSL and it would offer a single solution to all my Internet Needs. I have heard that Sprint is okay with "unlimited" use. I would only use it a couple hours a day and not for gaming or for music, just business surfing and maitaining a couple websites. Does anyone know if this router is upgradable via software as faster versions of the EVO become available? I'm not sure what is meant by it being only 1x.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Sprint Mobile Broadband Answers

by jwcanada In reply to Sprint Mobile Broadband D ...

Hopefully this will answer you questions:

1) For your first question you will most likely get a new ip addy each time you make a connection with your Sprint Mobile Broadband card.

2) You have multiple options when it comes to using a Wireless EVDO powered router. You have the more home grade routers such as the linksys option (this one has both WiFi and 4 port switch built in the router which would work well for your setup with some wifi devices and some wired connections), you also have the Kyocera model that your talking about that have both WiFi and a 4 port switch. You also have other options that are more enterprise grade such as the junxion box. This may be overkill for you.

One thing to keep in mind though is this: If you have actively using the EVDO powered routers and have multiple PC's accessing network/internet resources at the same time your speeds per connection will be slower than using it for one connection...usually not concerning with 2 or even 3 connections (unless your playing online games or something) but if you get more than 3 the network speeds for all connections are definitely slower.

Good luck

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Thankyou, and a little clarificaiton on IP's if possible

by mikeresnick In reply to Sprint Mobile Broadband A ...

Thank you. I'm still unclear as to any benefit from a new ip each time. Excuse my ignorance, but I keep reading about people having card connection problems and I always read something like try a static ip.

As far as routers go I use a netgear RP114 -cheap and it works. I'd want to just replace this as it's just a home office. I wouldn't be using more than 1 pc at a time, I just like the convenience of using them from the different machines as I have different uses for each box - graphics for one, general surfing for another, laptop that I can take from room to room.

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Sprint Mobile Broadband IP

by phil In reply to Sprint Mobile Broadband A ...

Thank you for your answer on this.

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