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Spy Software for VPN

By jwalden ·
Does anyone know of any spy software that will work with Remote Access VPN?

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Spy or anti spy?

by JamesRL In reply to Spy Software for VPN

Which do you need?


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Spy Software for VPN

by jwalden In reply to Spy or anti spy?

Spy, not anti-spy.

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You want to spy on VPN users??

by JamesRL In reply to Spy Software for VPN

And you want us to help?

That would be unethical.


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Unethical, maybe. But...

by jwalden In reply to You want to spy on VPN us ...

Possibly, but what if your spouse used a VPN and one day you happen to get on her computer and found out she'd been cheated on you for over a year? Wouldn't you want to know if it's still going on?

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Some thoughts

by BFilmFan In reply to Unethical, maybe. But...

Not if the consequences of my actions involved possibly involved going to prison for violation of 18 U.S.C. ? 2518, which is the Federal WireTap Act. I personally am just not that fond of Martha Stewart's cooking.

I'd advise you to either get a marriage counselor or a divorce lawyer.

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by Choppit In reply to Unethical, maybe. But...

No, I'd want to know why it was going on........

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You trust or you don't

by JamesRL In reply to Unethical, maybe. But...

If you feel she is still cheating, you ask.

If she wants to cheat, she could be using the cell phone instead of email. Or payphones, or ....

BTW if you want to ask questions like that, I suggest you don't use your email address. Its a small world after all.


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My two or five cents

by dafe2 In reply to Spy Software for VPN

In agreement with all the great answers here....I'd STRONGLY suggest you don't go there.

I think it was 'James Linn' who said trust or don't trust. Best advice yet & believe it.

Now, from personal experience I've seen the 'result' & the other side of what you seem to want to do. A friends husband (apparently) started out doing what you want to suggest is 'justified spying' & when he found out she was cheating he also found 'things' real or imagined to hold over her head & made threats. He was hurt and VERY angry & then irrational. All understandable BUT made worse because he'd being spying and seething over the things he'd read while spying.

Those threats (allmost) netted him an extortion charge. They where easily proved with computer forensics.
Nothing came of that, but when we showed him the report of his activities he allmost fainted. Anyway, once SHE found out what he had done.....well let's just remember the woman scorned thing.

Nothing good ever comes from what your thinking of doing. You trust or you don't. You leave or you stay. You talk about it or you don't.

Don't 'spy' for any reason.....It's pathetic.

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