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spybot program "search and destroy"

By rosstom ·
when scanning for spybots on my xp(sp1)pen.4 rig,the application freezes when it reaches c2 lop. i am using search and destroy,have tried safe mode and have to exclude c2lop in order to finish a scan. am i infected by c2lop?if not.why does "search and destroy freeze even with upload patch? If i am infected,what moves can i make to discover,detect and eliminate c2lop.?

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spybot program "search and destroy"

by AstronUSA In reply to spybot program "search an ...

This is a cut and paste answer. Your problem is a known bug in Spybot. And your work around is the correct way to temporarily deal with the problem.
but there is also a fix for the problem....... see the cut and paste.

hy does the scan hang during detection of C2.lop?link FAQ #022

The exact reason isn't yet known, as this error seems to be sporadic and only on a few machines, but there's a simple way around it. Start Spybot-S&amp in advanced mode, open the Excludes section, and select C2.lop for exclusion of the scan (tick the checkbox in front of the C2.lop entry). This will avoid scan of C2.lop until a bugfix comes out (soon).

Update (May 7th): the reason for this hang is a corrupted file, located either in the Temp or in the Application Data folder. There is an update available that can deal with this problem; if you check for updates, be sure to download the one named File check library. Or download the manual updater if you don't want to use the update function.

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spybot program "search and destroy"

by pierrejamme In reply to spybot program "search an ...

As mentioned above you should check for updates as they do have a patch for this hang. However I have one workstation with Win2k SP4 that still needs the exclude on the C2.lop for it to run. You will notice, there are two mentioned. I only checked the first and the program ran correctly. The reason I did not check the second is because I knew that computer had Had A Browser Hijacker from running Adaware.
I half way think like you that the computer has the C2.lop and it won't allow the program to check it. I would like to hear from SpyBOT on this.
Apparently the C2.lop gives you an additional toolbar if you have it,check out this link:

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spybot program "search and destroy"

by europanorama In reply to spybot program "search an ...

on the kolla-site there is a forum to discuss everything.

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