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By pcash ·
I have a need for some type of software like pc anywhere or remote desk top that will allow me to view what a person is doing with out them seeing me get on or seeing me there at all.
Or some sort of remote recording to record their computer usage.

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by jc2it In reply to Spying/Watching

PCAnywhere can accomplish this in real time. So can TightVNC, a free download. You will want to test either of these products. Certain configurations of PCAnywhere will change the remotes' desktop to a solid color, and there is a system tray icon that would need to be disabled.

These products are not meant to allow big brother access though. A better question is why you want to micro manage or police your coworkers/employees? I don't mean to start a philosophical discussion, but if you can not trust them then get rid of them. Don't waste your valuable time spying on them.

I have this technology installed and I use it for training and troubleshooting my remote branches. It works great for that.

You would find a better solution if you had a specific action you wanted to find out if they were doing. Like using corporate email for personal use, or surfing the web 6 hours a day. These things are better tracked with logs and proxy servers. Rather than micro managing people.

If you are a computer professional then stay in that profession, don't become a rent-a-cop.

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by JEPott In reply to Spying/Watching

You might try SpectorSoft's eBlaster - it's a key logging software that will hide itself from the user and send you weekly, daily, hourly (you decide) reports on from the monitored computer.

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