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By roell98 ·
what is the best solution to get rid of spyware?

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Use a variety of programs

by gralfus In reply to spyware

Here is how I usually attack spyware:

1. Disable the Messenger service in W2K and XP (this does not affect instant messaging, but does prevent a host of popups).

2. Run CoolWeb Shredder. (This will also nuke your hosts file if you use one.)

3. Install AdAware, update it, (customize it to Scan within Archives, Scan My IE Favorites, Scan my Hosts file), then run it. If it won't update, download the reflist.ref file from another PC. Install the PLVX2Cleaner.exe plug-in and run it again.

4. Install spybot Search and Destroy. Update it. Immunize. Run it.

5. Get AboutBuster.exe to get rid of "About:blank" problems.

6. Run Stinger from McAfee. Kills many of the latest viruses. (Not a substitute for a regular antivirus program.)

Other options to help see what may be hijacking your browser:

HiJack This,
IE-SpyAd (blocks numerous sites via registry)

Here is where you can get the files:
(many anti-spyware sites are currently under denial of service attacks, so it may take multiple tries to get through)

CoolWeb Shredder:








Other resources:

Computer Cops:

(For posting HiJackThis logs and getting feedback)

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by justmakingit In reply to spyware

Ad-aware has a free version for personal use, I find it works well, here is the address:

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I have found Spy Sweeper to be the best

by JimHM In reply to spyware

I have found Spy Sweeper to be one of the best - has active monitors - can set if a dll or cookie should be ignored during the scan or automatically deleted.

Handles Cookie, Dll's, Registry, Adware, Tracer ware, Malware - I last time I ran it had over 25,000 signatures in the library...

Subscription is $29.00 for a year - $39.00 for 2 years... hey you only get what you pay for...

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