Spyware Ads planted on my computer.

By scharppslicer ·
While traveling throught the Internet, a "Spyware Detection and Removal" Company has planted itself, permanantly it seems on my computer! I've run my McAffe, AND Windows Defender and found nothing. Now every 20 seconds, I get a Spyware Detected, followed by a "Buy It Now, and Download it Now" ads as well as a permanant yellow message that links to "Anti-Spy Storm" and "SpyMaxx"
Can someone help me figure how to remove the obnoxia from my computer?
If there is ever a class action suit filed on either of these two, I will gladly join it!
Michael A. Bailey

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Check out the 9 May'08 TR posting below

by nepenthe0 In reply to Spyware Ads planted on my ...
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And for future reference - there is every likelihood that YOU ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Spyware Ads planted on my ...

Invited the planting of said "Spyware Detection and Removal" yourself.

Invariably the user is tempted by the offer of a free scan facility that will be a 'one off', then finds the nasty little beggar firmly entrenched on their system.

The fact that you accepted (and approved) it's introduction to your system, albeit quite innocently, is how it gained entry.

Had it been a full-on illegal intrusion, your anti-virus or anti-spyware would very likely have detected it's attempts to attach.

Best to remove it sooner rather than later, as what is at present an annoying pop-up, if left unchecked, will increase in frequency until you cannot use your Desktop at all due to it being covered in repetitive pop-ups.

But now that you are aware of how it gained entry, you can be more vigilant in the future. :)


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tempted by the offer of a free scan

by scharppslicer In reply to And for future reference ...

Actually what had happened, was a "Spyware Detected" screen came up, making me think it was my McAfee, only to get the ads from the obnioxia that I mentioned. I did not seek, nor ask for the offer, the sofetware, nor the vomitus that is now coming forth on my screen.
I did take advise of others such as yourself, and pulled in Defender, and ran it and McAfee. And the forsight I do have was to ask those who are better in that arena than I (that is you).
Thanks for you insight,

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simple program removal?

by justdeda In reply to Spyware Ads planted on my ...

I guess I'd just try to remove the application from Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs, and then search the registry for related-sounding items...

Good luck (-:


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Here's what to do....

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Spyware Ads planted on my ...

Your situation most likely due to Spyware\Adware\Malware that was installed when you took advantage of one of those 'Free On-Line Scans'.

Try emptying your Internet Cache.**

Here are excellent tools for removing spyware, malware and adware:


Spybot Search & Destroy:


X-Cleaner Micro:

I would also use this tool: RootKitRevealer (

If the issue remains, I recommend you download and run HiJackThis ( and post the log file it creates in one of the many forums dedicated for that purpose. I recommend that you post your HiJackThis log where there are many people who specialize in working with them. Try here:
You'll have to create a login but I think you'll find it to be the easiest and best way to resolve your issue.

Additionally, here is a good source for advice:

When you finally get everything cleaned up and running smooth, here are great tools to help you avoid getting that garbage again:



and to quickly clean out the places where their installers usually hide before you shut down or reboot - ATF-Cleaner:

Good Luck

** To empty the Internet Cache - if you are using IE7, open to a browser window, click on Tools, select Internet Options, in the Browsing History section click on Delete and then in the next menu click on Temporary Internet Files 'Delete Files.'
If you are using IE6, click on Tools, select Internet Options and then under Temporary Internet Files click on the Delete Files button.

If you're nervous about removing things found by spyware scanners, you can always create a System Restore Point as a safety net.

<edited to correct out-dated link>

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The only effective way yo remove that @$#^#$&

by 1bn0 In reply to Spyware Ads planted on my ...

is format and re-install.

Never mind the class-action suite.
Tall tree & a rope.

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