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By dtdave ·
I am comparing and want to find out if anyone has tested to know how good spyware blaster is at protecting a pc from getting spy/adware on their pc. I am comparing it with Spybot's immunize feature and dont want to install both apps for real time protection. I want to use the better of the two. I have heard good reviews for both and I have read recently that spybot is not doing as well as they use to for detection with their scanner. Any thoughts will be appreciated. I work at a school and want good protection for these pc's.

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by willcomp In reply to spyware/adware apps

I run both (at same time) and still get adware/spyware from time to time. So I'm not sure which is more effective. There have been no performance hits running both that I can discern.

If you're running 2000 or XP, I recommend you try Microsoft's Anti-Spyware beta. It's free at least until July. MS purchased Giant Anti-Spyware and is using their technology. Appears to be reasonably effective intercepting adware/spyware in real time protection mode.

Link is:


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by dtdave In reply to spyware/adware apps

Thank you, and I found some reviews for MS anti spyware and they were not too good for comparing to other apps such as adaware, spysweeper and spyware doctor. So that is why I still want to know what has a better real time protection - spybot or spyware blaster. Thanks for any help.

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by Exp In reply to spyware/adware apps

I used all three apps (not at the same time) and I think the Microsoft Antispyware is the easy to use out of all three. It has good real time protection and scan function. But I will still use Lavasoft's Adaware for scanning. Spybot is ok but the pop-up blocker blocks everything and sometimes can be annoying. Can't say much about spyblaster becuase I don't know if it blocks anything (no messages gerenrated).

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by aida_79 In reply to spyware/adware apps

For me I think Ad-Aware SE Personal is the best and free.

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by DouglasB In reply to spyware/adware apps

I can tell you from experience you need more than one. I regularly "clean" infested computers using the following programs, and each one finds something the other did not. MS Spyware Beta, Adaware, Spybot, Spysweeper, AdwareAway. No single program does it all. The person that comes up with the "do it all" get rid of spyware/adware will make a bundle.

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by wcp In reply to spyware/adware apps

1. Ad-Aware SE Personal - for Spyware Removal
2. Spybot S&amp - for Removal and Prevention
3. SpywareBlaster - for Prevention
4. MS Antispyware - Autoupdate, Realtime protection, and Auto scan

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by pete.g In reply to spyware/adware apps

Both Spybot's Immunize feature and SpywareBlaster operate on the principle of either setting registry entries to block spyware/adware installs or adding "objectionable" content websites to Internet Explorer's Restricted Sites list. The difference between the two is simple: SpywareBlaster has more malware definitions than Spybot does, and SpywareBlaster?s definitions are much more frequently updated than Spybot?s. If you don?t have SpywareBlaster installed, Spybot itself admits that ?Javacool?s SpywareBlaster provides much more control of which bad products may be blocked. Click here to download SpywareBlaster.? However, Spybot provides on-demand scanning capabilities not available for SpywareBlaster, which I consider necessary. Also, Spybot integrates many command-line options for automatically scanning, cleaning, immunizing, and even auto-updating. This I find to be a major convenience. However, as both programs simply set registry values or add websites to IE?s Restricted Sites Zone, they do NOT run in the background and thus do NOT take up extra system resources. For that reason, I run and update both programs. Spybot I manage via batch files, and SpywareBlaster I set to automatically update and install the latest definitions (requires the one-time purchase of an auto-update subscription). I hope this answer helps!

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by kalaivanan.vvelan In reply to spyware/adware apps

I use Adaware, Microsoft Antispyware and Spybot(at the same time). There are no performance issues. Spybots greatest advantage is the immunise feauture wherein it will block every possible port through which ur computer can be infected but the problem with the same is that u might have problems even legimate sites after that. i even got warnings when i browsed the Techrepublic site.
Microsoft Antispyware is the best free product you can get, but its only free till july. You could use that along with SpyBot for now. This site will give u a comparision of the features of these different Antispywares

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