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Spyware Blockers that add ads

By alz ·
I purchased Spyware Nuker and after running it I ran Spybot S&amp Below is what Spybot says about Spyware Nuker:
Company: TrekBlue
Product: SpywareNuker
Threat: Adware/Possible spyware/Malware

Company URL:
Company product URL:

Supposed spyware removal utility.

Heavily advertisement by spam (unsolisicited email advertisement); phoning home on program start; silently installing updates and content (meaning advertisement) into your system. Those applications may even come from third parties. No limitation is made about this 'value-added' content, meaning the license allows them to install any spyware into your system without your knowledge. In addition, using the program isn't safe - LSP hijackers get removed, but the Winsock not fixed so you would loose your internet connections. Uses a stolen Spybot-S&amp database and is therefore a copyright infringement.

Privacy Statement
You acknowledge that the "Trek Blue" Program(s) include technology which allows "Trek Blue" to provide updates to the software directly to your computer. Additionally, you acknowledge that you wish to receive software and technology as updates at the discretion of "Trek Blue" for the purposes of complimenting or enhancing the "Trek Blue" Program(s). By installing, downloading, copying, updating or otherwise using the "Trek Blue" Program(s), you specifically agree to include and/or accept the noted software and technology through which "Trek Blue", its subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, divisions, and clients provide value-added upgrades and applications to your computer. You acknowledge that you desire to receive value added applications, if any, from "Trek Blue", its subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, divisions, and clients. You acknowledge that you desire to receive value-added content and applications as a condition to using the "Trek Blue" Program(s).

Is their a program available that does what it says without adding junk? I tried Spyblocs but it doesn't remove the spyware unless you purchase it.

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another Gotcha

by cwolken In reply to Spyware Blockers that add ...

I have been using SpyBot Search and Destroy for about a year, it works very well and deserves a donation, very good software and it is free. Yesterday I downloaded "freespywarescan" as featured on a CNet site listed as an Editors Choice. After the free scan the sirens went off and it announced that 7 problems were found. It didn't claim to be able to remove them or offer a trial version. The pitch was to buy the product for $39.99, a sleasy method.

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by Oz_Media In reply to another Gotcha

And I almost started a new discussion about it after nearly tossing my notebook across the room!

I was looking for new toold and trying different things out. I downloaded 5 different, TROJAN removal tools that all said they were free, they had no mention of purchase or trials on the site (probably in the EULA somewhere).

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE DAMN THINGS, did a scan, found something or many things and when you click remove, up comes the register now box! I curse the sorry bastards who can write some stupid little prog and don't know how to market it. It is almost as sleazy as the MS marketing tactics, just bottom feeding and desperate marketing. No wonder these guys come and go weeekly.

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Try also....

by J2R5 In reply to Spyware Blockers that add ...

I have been using Spybot and also Ad-Aware. Ad-Aware is free also and seems to find more spy-ware at times than Spybot. Both software packages feature update functionality, just like anti-virus software, to get the latest spy-ware definitions.

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Yeah right

by Oz_Media In reply to Spyware Blockers that add ...

and Microsoft say Novell sucks, Novell says Microsoft sucks.

No matter which product you install, someone else's product will show fault in it, that's business, bad business but business all the same.

I use ADAWARE, it's free and seems pretty clean, at least it keps ME going and others that I have installed it on.

You must remeber though, you are surfing a PUBLIC internetworking service. You wouldn't walkaround outside and not be expected to be seen, perhaps when you were looking in a store window, someone took a picture and you were in the background, now THEY have a picture of you and you didn't know it. Unless you were doing something wrong though, who cares.

When you are inpubilc you are seen in pubilc. When you watch TV, the ads are targeted towards YOU as YOU fit the demographic aidience that watches the show. Do you need an AD blocker on TV? No that's what PAYS for the TV shows.

As long as you have virus prtection up to date and running, you don't need to worry. Your info is bought and sold daily by MANY channels, not just internet sites. I can buy a list of 100,000 UNLISTED phone numbers with a quick email or phone call, UNLISTED!

IO can buy a list of everyone who has spent more than $30,000 on electronics in the past three years, I can buy a list of everyone who has bought almost any product I choose and target that audience. You may get the junk mail but you don't respond to it and simply chuck it out if it bothers you. If you are worried about your Internet tracks, you should back up and realize how many OTHER tracks you leave OUTSIDE the Internet, I guarantee the net is the LEAST of your worries.

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Missing the point

by wmdcrowder In reply to Yeah right

While I agree with what you are saying, I believe you're missing the main point of the original posting.
The gentleman downloaded a tool to remove Spyware and it turns out that tool is actually a hacked copy of someone elses tool, and worse, it does the same thing as what it removes! Which is Adware.
Adware is not spam...what you're discussing is more to do with Spam email than adware; companies collecting information on your browsing activities, etc. and then sending spam related to that. These work via Dataminer cookies that keep watch over where you go on the net, etc.
Programs that promise to remove Adware/Spyware and only *find* it would be akin to having an exterminator check out your home and give you a list of what they found, *then* you have to pay them to remove it. Sleazy? Yes. Unethical? Maybe.
The thing to remember when we are downloading software is that we get what we pay for. The issue with me isn't that it doesn't work. After all, why complain if it didn't cost me anything?
But it *does* cost in time and resources to d/l, install, find it *doesn't* do what I want, and then uninstall and hope it's all gone off my system.
My advice has always been -- If you *really* need it, go with the one that works the best...even if it costs. I use Adaware Pro -- it cleans the Adware/Spyware and also actively monitors to see if anything tries to come in. Great product IMO.

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Not at all

by Oz_Media In reply to Missing the point

See "That's the worst" above.

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Have you tried

by martin In reply to Spyware Blockers that add ...

PestPatrol, brilliant. It will run in the background, do system checks on logon and yiou can update from a file server rather than the web if you wish.

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