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spyware efficiecy

By rlarryp ·
I have 3 spyware programs...Spybot S&amp..Mcafee and Microsoft Spyware...Each one seems to find something different..Why is there not 1 that does it all ??...lp

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by willcomp In reply to spyware efficiecy

There just isn't. There are also no anti-virus programs that are 100% effective, although some come close.

Anti-virus software is mature since it has been around since DOS days. Eventually the major anti-spyware/adware vendors may improve to the point that one program will suffice. Until that time comes, it will be necessary to run multiple programs.

From what I've seen, Microsoft (formerly Giant) Anti-Spyware has great promise, especially with MS's resources behind it. In the early days of anti-virus software, IBM provided much of the R&amp.


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by willcomp In reply to

Well, one can bash M$ and bemoan the demise of small software companies ad infinitum, but the bottom line is that MS Anti-Spyware has great promise and MS certainly has plenty of development talent and money.

The good points about MS Anti-Spyware are that it provides real time protection, auto updates, auto scans, intercepts browser changes, and is user friendly. Others in combination provide all those features, but not in one program.

Word Perfect and Lotus declined when they released atrocious products for Windows 3.0/3.1. Word and Excel were clearly superior and MS cornered the market. MS had a large head start since Word and Excel were the leading programs on (gasp!) the Mac. So they had mature products fairly easily ported to Windows.

Prior to all that, Lotus 123 had killed VisiCalc and WP had trumped DisplayWrite (a real dog) and WordStar. Ever notice that some old WordStar commands still work in MS Edit?

Symantec has bought up many utility program developers but no one bemoans consolidation there.

I believe that MS thought it was in their best interest to control the adware/spyware problem and decided to do it themselves since no one else had an effective remedy.

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by CG IT In reply to spyware efficiecy

then there wouldn't be competition between companies and one would end up having to buy products at over inflated prices from one company.

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by CG IT In reply to

thats why there was the anti trust with Microsoft. Why buy from other companies when you can get everything from Microsoft [which is what everyone did] Before Windows 95, [days of DOS and Windows 3.1] there were a lot of companies creating programs for word processing, If anyone remembers back in the 80s, there was DisplayWriter from IBM, WordStar, WordPerfect, MS Word, [and others]. all worked in DOS and you basically just ran the program from the command line by typing in the program name .exe and click enter [if any one remembers Direct Access for batch file running of programs by assigning a keyboard letter, you'll know that Direct Access was the framework for Windows 95 desktop environment for shortcuts . The Icon represents the batch file to execute the .bat or .exe and run the program].

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by CG IT In reply to

in todays Windows Environment its virtually unheard of for a programmer to create the next WordPerfect or Lotus 123 spread sheet. [lotus beating out programs like Boeing Calc or IBMs spreadsheet program]. Thats why open source advocates advocate open source software. No longer does Windows have a strangle hold on programs for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations etc. Anyone can write a program for word processing and depending upon how good it is and what it does, it could become the next MS Word or WordPerfect where the entire business community would adopt it and the programmer becomes an instant zillionaire. Not so with Windows. If someone were to develope a really good spreadsheet for Windows that business would adopt, Microsoft is more apt to buy the program or your business to keep it from going to the market or to include whatever it is that makes is so good into their MS Word.

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by CG IT In reply to

so for what Microsoft deems as little programs such as enhancements or tools for their Windows O/S companies create programs but not such big sellers as a word processing or spreadsheet. Now its Spyware because "everyone" and literally everyone will want some program so Microsoft comes out with their own. Pretty soon, everyone will use it and Spybot, Ad Aware, and the others will go by the wayside because there won' be a need for their programs, Microsoft has their own.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to spyware efficiecy


It's a pain, isn't it? I also use three different spyware packages with the same results you describe.

However, do not be lulled by anyone saying their product is the only one you need to install. I've been looking into this, and have evaluated some Enterprise Edition spyware removal programs. The free AdAware did a better job!

Stick with what you have, but also try running AdAware after running all three of your programs.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to spyware efficiecy

imho the reason microsoft has come out with their own spyware package is because windows is becoming unusable due to spyware. i am disappointed with ms's spyware finder so far but i am keeping eye on it. i use adaware pretty much as only one unless symptoms persist. among the free ones it is mostly a draw. when you pay for blocking, i suggest nortons internet security (gulp) or adaware pro.
meanwhile, you could get a Mac. and/or reinstall fresh and buy version of ad-aware with spyware blocker. and update windows and get blocker in place befor browsing (run netscape.)
meanwhile, ms letting spyware strangle out the old verions of os maybe. think it no accident if ms spyware tool becomes suddenly more effective. it is the 'beta' version after all which is weird if you ask me. they wouldn't dare make us pay for it. but only runs on xp.
i am looking into buying apple stock....

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by Dark Force In reply to spyware efficiecy

The problem with adware/spyware/malware is that they are wirtten to not easily be caught and removed...pretty much like a virus.
imho malware programs are just the next evolution of viruses.
That being said, as Willcomp stated above, not each one is 100% effective. I don't think M$ getting into the game will improve anything (It will probably create more holes than it patches...kind of like some of their SPs)

In my organization, we use Spybot Search & Destroy, Ad-Aware, & Hijack This!
Spybot & AdAware are available form Cnet, Hijack This! is available from: <>

The best way I have found to run them is in Safe Mode - Command Prompt Only. That way you don't get all the garbage that launches with the Explorer shell even in Safe Mode.

Good Luck!

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