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By kimscomputing ·
I remove a lot of spyware and viruses from computers. Is there a way to remove all the spyware from every user or do you have to check each user account? I have noticed I have to check each account to get rid of it. I am running Spybot and Adaware & CW Shredder. Any suggestions?

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by gralfus In reply to SPYWARE Info

I have found that I can remove a lot under the user's login, but to get it all I have to log in as an administrator (if the user is not an administrator). There are some areas that the user won't have permission to change, but the spyware uses the system to get permission beyond the user's level. So to kill it you have to go in as an administrator.

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by dmiddltn In reply to SPYWARE Info

I use spysweeper from webroot, it'll take care of it.

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by pctech In reply to SPYWARE Info

Yes, you must login under each profile, including the administrator, to clean spyware with Adaware and Spybot. Starting with the administrator's account will get most of the spyware but, usually, not all. You seem to have already discovred this for yourself. I have ran CW Shredder from just the administrator's account and it does not need to be ran under each profile for it only searches for Cool Web Search and its variants.

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by willcomp In reply to SPYWARE Info

As a general rule, running adware/spyware removal tools from an account with administrator privileges will remove the nasty little varmits. What you normally see when running from additional user accounts are the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry entries. These entries are still there even though the malware has been removed.

I generally run Spybot on one additional account that seems most suspect (e.g. Kazaa on desktop)when dealing with multiple accounts. Darned if I'm going to take the time to clean out 6 or 8 accounts. It is time consuming and you can't recoup your expenses from a home user (they could replace their old clunker with a new PC for same money).

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by willcomp In reply to

I boot into safe mode and disable all startup items using msconfig before doing anything else. Also do not connect to internet until you have run a recent version of Ad-Aware or Spybot or both.

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