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Spyware/ malware

By zlitocook ·
How do combat these problems? Do you try to block them at the server or at the web firewall? Do you use Websence or another web blocker?
What do you do if a user opens an email that has a Trojan or a root kit? What if the user decides to go to a site that down loads an infected file? How do you block it and what do you use to block it?

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at the WAN link

by CG IT In reply to Spyware/ malware

try to block spam and other crap at the WAN link. Mail has to go through a spam filter before it even hits the internal exchange server so that anything flagged as spam doesn't get to a users inbox. If it can't get to their in box users can't click on it.

Most AV will catch a trojan or root kit if it's in the signature file. I make sure signatures are updated [using corporate AV solution so that I push AV signatures to clients. All mail is scanned inbound and outbound by AV.

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by zlitocook In reply to at the WAN link

That was a good answer.

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I use Websense and GFI Mail Security

by AV . In reply to Spyware/ malware

Websense is very good at preventing users from going to infected sites and downloading anything. They can't.

Mail Security offers layers of protection. A trojan and email exploit scanner, several virus filters (Bitdefender, Norman, Kaspersky and Mcafee). Nothing bad gets through.

Websense and Mail Security (along with Mail Essentials spam filter) are installed on their own server.

Of course we still use McAfee at the desktop.

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