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Spyware or update?

By escull ·
I am using MS XP home Edition and have set my system for auto updates. I continually get notices that there are updates for my system and after about a minute or two, It "says" my system is up to date and no further testing is needed (or something to that effect!)

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by Jack-M In reply to Spyware or update?

It's not spyware or they wouldn't notify you. Since your computer is set for auto updates you gave MS permission to update it without you having to do anything(automatic). You log on to the internet and MS sees you need 'update 123', they notify you, it's downloaded to your computer and installed all in the background 'automatically' while you are doing something else. You're not bothered, MS doesn't have you logging on to their server and the update to keep your software up to date is installed. Everybody wins.
Jack M

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Spyware or update?

Well it's most likely MS's WGA which is something fairly recent so if this is a new thing I would guess that you are constantly downloading WGA and having it installed.

If that's the case you can open Windows Update and look at the History and you'll see what's been coming down. As I don't ever allow the Auto Update function to run I'm not sure how often it installs itself but every month when the newest patches become available you are installing the same file to your computer that is the Windows Genuine Advantage File.

As to weather it's Spy ware or not that currently something that is under debate as it sends info to MS directly on a regular basis other than asking or informing you that it's there it acts exactly the same as every other piece of spy ware but in this case MS has put it there to make sure that you are running Genuine Windows Products. It even mostly gets things correct with only about a 20% error rate of claiming that Genuine Software is Pirate which requires a replacement Product Key from MS to be used.


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by escull In reply to Spyware or update?

I didn't explain this correctly! When this crops up on my screen it "says" your system needs checked for updates. Then it "says", don't need anymore updates?? If this occurs very often, you begin to wonder what they are looking for. I think I'm going to remove my system from the auto-update. It will make me feel better!



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