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SpyWare or Virus Attack .Please Help

By ashwinbole ·
Dear friends
i'm currently using win2003 with latest updates from microsoft website. yesterday i noticed something very disurbing

whenver itried something in run command, or try searching using google or try and enter any text either in word ,notepad it starts typring "x" automatically. on the text fields. i scanned for viruses using NAV 2005, chckd for syware using spybot and spysweeper. no threats found et all. this problem even exsists in dos prompt.
does anybody have answer to this.
thanx and regards

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System Restore may work

by rickkellogg In reply to SpyWare or Virus Attack . ...

You might want to try a system restore and go back a couple days prior to when the problem surfaced. While I have not seen the exact symptoms you have. I do have about 40 PC's that I manage and have seen some insidious spyware, trojan horses, and virus come down the pike in the past year or so. Every system we use has AVG and Webroot's Spysweeper installed and still some manage to get through. Just last week one of our PC's browsers was hyjacked by I had tried everything short of manually removing from registry or formatting the harddrive when I thought what the heck lets do a system restore. I went back like 2 weeks and when done the toolbar and all evidence of begin2search was gone and still is.

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by ippirate In reply to SpyWare or Virus Attack . ...

Have you tried changing the keyboard? If it is typing all x's in any text type field, that is the first place I would go.

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keyboard maybe

by TechRepublic In reply to SpyWare or Virus Attack . ...

Try a diffrent keyboard.
that will help eliminate any hardware problems.

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by dragonkeeper66 In reply to SpyWare or Virus Attack . ...

If you have downloaded and installed SP2 I would say that is where your problem lies. Get ahold of Misrosoft Tech service to straighten it out. Jim (

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by pcbuddy In reply to Problems

Not sure if u got around fixing this, try and check this registry key and delete it,
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Explorer\AppKey
you should see an x as the value for appkey, if that doesnt work, try and use a registry cleaner.

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Re: SpyWare or Virus Attack .Please Help

by systemzworks1 In reply to SpyWare or Virus Attack . ...

Was just wondering what you found out about situation.
If it was happening in dos I would assume its a low level language error. I would reformat and reinstall.


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