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Spyware protection

By Daygo_171 ·
Does anyone out here think the list below is NOT enough protection against spyware?
- Cisco pix (locked down)
- Anitvirus updated weekly
- IE having all scripts, active X....etc turn off
- Win XP and 2k end users in "user" group only

I don't yet have an enterprise solution to guard against spyware and wonder if it is really necessary.

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Can you

by Dr Dij In reply to Spyware protection

goto a screen saver site and download and run one? (I think this would be covered by activex but not sure). If so, not enuf. End users do this. Browse to sites like which install spyware. If you don't get any may be OK.

We had a computer that had activex and scripts disabled. There was a virus that propagated from PC to PC a few months ago via tcp and it hit this computer. Anti-virus did detect it after installed tho and popped up message.

My boss was trying to blame it on email attachment opened or web browsing and I told him NO, it was totally locked down (a critical production workstation) for this very reason, for last two years. This encourages them to use other workstations as activex disabled.

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No...I really think the only long term answer is

by zczc2311 In reply to Spyware protection

No...I really think the only long term answer is content filtering and SPI hardware firewalls. With content filtering you can just about stop any nasty that jumps back through your web browser and bits you now and with future developments.

As a test you could run a free scan of X-Soft ..but get ready for a shock?

Constraining active X is a very very very small bit of it

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