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spyware quake removel from system

By paul.a.wisniewski ·
this software is loaded on a computer with xp sr2
and no mater what we do we can not remove it from computer (yes we have admin rights) , we used remove programs in controll panel ,no luck
tried antivirus programs to see if was a issue
3to be exact, tried a number of spyware programs to see if it was an issue , i even tried removing the files from hard drive and registry
manually , i also made sure system restore was turned off , has anyone encountered this program
and been able to remove it ? the website hasn't return any emails also thanks for any other options

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by TBBrick In reply to spyware quake removel fro ...

Could you tell me which spyware programs you used and if you used them with the PC in safe mode?

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by BorgInva In reply to spyware quake removel fro ...

Tis is from my personal list of FREEBIES. I am sure some of the ver have changed since. One of these should be able to remove it.


Bug Off


HijackThis 1.99.1

Ad-Aware SE Personal edition

Microsoft? Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) [I believe updates are done through Windows Update)

Spybot Search and Destroy 1.4

SpywareBlaster 3.3

X-RayPC Spyware Process Analyzer 1.001

Some of these links may help too:

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by BorgInva In reply to

I updated my doc as it has been a year. Some people in their postings actually mentioned a program or two I did not know about. Others I have actually used and just not updated this list. Grab the updated copy at if you wish.

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by Dr Dij In reply to spyware quake removel fro ...

He's right, some spyware needs to be removed in safe mode. I run adaware, spyware blaster, microsoft anti-spyware.

recently, I'm big on trend micro free online scan, it found some keyloggers, etc. others didn't:
gets you right to running it. also has a free online version of pestpatrol

and spysweeper seems to find what others don't, you'll have to pay for it after 30 days.

new drive-by websites hijack regular real websites and install spyware; disabling activex in internet zone may be all you can do to prevent this. this is without you downloading anything, simply visiting their site:,1874,1252525,00.asp

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by allouh4 In reply to spyware quake removel fro ...

i suggest you track this program and remove it manualy.
find the location of this program and delete it after shutting down the process from task manager(end task).
if it still exist or return after deleting it it could be a spyware striker and need strong anti spyware.
for me i found bitdefender internet security is the best antivirus.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to spyware quake removel fro ...

As allouh1 suggested remove it manually but make sure that you are in Safe Mode before attempting this. I would remove any files that you know are directly connected to this issue and then run a registry checker over the system again in Safe Mode so you can pickup any nasties and remove them without problems of having files locked as Critical Windows Files.

If you don't have a registry cleaner you cat try this from Iolo System Mechanic 6

It's a fully working 30 day trial version of their product so it will do everything that the bought program will do just don't use the Remove Duplicate Files as this will kill your system.


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by TBBrick In reply to spyware quake removel fro ...

If the other spyware removers fail, try in safe mode:
1. Spybot Search and Destroy:


2. Adaware:

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by paul.a.wisniewski In reply to spyware quake removel fro ...

mcaffe, nortons ,trend and yes on safe mode

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by paul.a.wisniewski In reply to spyware quake removel fro ...

give me some time to see which of these will work everyone has given me so many thank you

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by remove.spy In reply to spyware quake removel fro ...

Hello guys. Is there any chance to get one of these files which infecting computers with Spyware Quake (vc3_05b.exe, VideoCodec3_05b.exe etc.) I need to do more research but failed to find an infection files. If you have one of these, please send me email with zipped file.


Thanks in advance

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