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Spyware Removal software?

By groupjb ·
Anyone have any recommendations on spyware removal software? Or advise about which ones to stay away from?

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by jschein In reply to Spyware Removal software?

Free personal use: Updates daily and fully cleans system.

Also, google's Search toolbar (It has a free pop-up stopper built into it)

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by jschein In reply to

Ad aware is great, just as when a new spy-tool comes out, they update their database and the easiest thing to do is open it, click update and run your scan. If I barely use my pc for websurfing, once a month... If I'm all over the internet, once a week or when those funny little things happen.

Best of all, google's toolbar with pop-up blocker helps due to most malicous programs / files come in when you inadvertantly go somewhere and they try to throw 80 pop-ups at you... You goto hit the "X", but the x is actually an executable of the program...

Good luck in your choice

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by jschein In reply to

Yes, used both of those programs, however, MICROSOFT SUGGESTS.... <cough>, we all know how Microsoft is.

Both do a decent job, however, adaware is more in depth once you get your settings in place and does one heck of a job. Free updates, excellent cleaner, gets more than any other spyware remover out there although some of the others get like 1 or 2 that adaware doesn't until their next update, but I can wait one more day for those updates...

Also, adaware does not need ADMIN priviledges to install... That's right... NONE. Install and run as a regular user.

Good luck on your decision

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by skduffy In reply to Spyware Removal software?

As stated above, Lavasoft's Ad-Aware 6 is
excellent. I have also used Spybot Search &
Destroy with great success.

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by DKlippert In reply to Spyware Removal software?

Another one is
Look at this site:

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by joenmr In reply to Spyware Removal software?
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by Joseph Moore In reply to Spyware Removal software?

It has already been said, but I am gonna say it again.
Ad-Aware is the way to go!
I use it on all my machines.
One time, I did a test between Ad-Adware and SpyBot. I ran SpyBot first, then Ad-Aware on the same machine.
There were still things to remove after SpyBot that Ad-Aware caught.
So, I think Ad-Aware is better.

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by groupjb In reply to Spyware Removal software?

Good to know Ad-aware is so widely recommended -- I already use that on my pc, but was wondering how it stacked up against spybot and others. Perhaps I should have my girlfriend install it on her laptop as well; she has Norton Systemworks, but I don't think that has a spyware detection feature...

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by Lizzy In reply to Spyware Removal software?

I have done what Joseph Moore has done, running Spybot and then AdAware. I have also reversed it running AdAware and then Spybot. Both caught other things that the first one didn't. I have used both with much sucess and would find it hard to recommend one over another. I use both. Norton System Works is also great, but does not have spy ware or ad ware removers and have used it sucessfully with both Spybot and AdAware installed. AdAware and Spybot will warn you that it may remove the other adware remover when you use the latest versions, but this has not happened yet. If you use the latest .EXE file to install from a CD, then if it does disable one, you can easily re-install it.

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by groupjb In reply to Spyware Removal software?

Microsoft recommended Spybot and Spysweeper -- anyone have any experience with these?

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