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SpyWare Removal

By sc3reface ·
My Internet Explorer is set to open as a blank page,but everytime internet explorer opens a page comes up Center) and everytime my computer boots up the system32 folder appears, i know it is a spyware, i uses Ad-aware , Cccleaner , Windows Defender, Live One Care,all update w/ definition but to no avail

Using Windows Xp Sp2
regards to all

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to SpyWare Removal

Boot your machine in Safe Mode and perform the local scans there. with a minimal set of Windows Drivers running you stand a much better chance of removing any nasties from your computer.

Besides Ad aware you can try Spy Bot S &amp available from

You can also drop the Windows Defender I've run tests with it and it's constantly failed to pick up a single infection where as Ad Aware & Spy Bot have picked up several hundred on the machine.

After you run one scan and have removed any nasties rerun the same scan just to make sure that you have actually removed the threat as sometimes it's possible to find something but be unable to remove it. You can also run AV Scans while you are in Safe Mode with much better results that what you'll get running normally.

If you don't know how to Boot into Safe Mode all you need do is press the F8 key between the POST and Windows Start Up screen.

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by sc3reface In reply to

Ok Ill try Booting of Safe Mode to see if it works, i have Spybot S&amp installed prior to what i posted above. . .

Thnx For The Help

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by fijired2 In reply to SpyWare Removal

You may also want to get a decent firewall - ZoneAlarm is a good basic one and is available as freeware. Monitor the outward traffic as well as the inward one, and you can at least stop info flowing off your PC while you work out how to remove the spyware. Remember to turn off XP's firewall, though.

Good Luck... Joseph

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by fijired2 In reply to

Had a similar problem with a friends PC. Steps taken were:
1. Download and install latest updates for the anti virus and spy-ware s/w, (in this case, Norton and Spybot.).
2. Install ZoneAlarm, (it wasn't previously.).
3. Boot to safe mode, run the a-v programme until it thinks it's cleaned everything. Do the same with the spy-ware. Note down all programmes trying to access the 'net.
4. Reboot the PC into safe mode again, re-run the scans.
5. Repeat step 4 until the a-v and spy-ware programmes find nothing and there are no more alerts on the firewall.

If you have access to a second PC, you can also google the programme name(s) being shown in the firewall alerts/logs. Then on the problem PC, try renaming them , (to .old or .bad or something,), - either the files will be renamed or they'll be quarantined by your anti virus s/w. Either way that should stop them running.

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by lathe In reply to SpyWare Removal

I had the same issue and I solved by useing Spyware Nuke XT

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by pierrejamme In reply to SpyWare Removal

Yes you definitely caught something there. As they said try a fully updated spybot Search & Destroy and if that doesn't get it ue Hijackthis from: and or CWshredder.
Good luck,

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by ozi Eagle In reply to SpyWare Removal


Also before doing any removal scans turn off system restore, or else you run the risk of re-infecting your system as soon as you do a reboot.

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by OnTheRopes In reply to SpyWare Removal

Besides the other suggestions listed here you also may want to try:

Webroots Spy Sweeper

Tenebrils Spycatcher Express

Ewido?s Anti-Malware 3.5

Sunbelt Software?s Counterspy trial

Download, install and update the trial version of Zonealarms Internet Security Suite with/antispyware. Change the options under scanning options to do a Byte level scan. This last one requires that you remove any other anti-virus solution first. Expect runtimes of 2 hours + depending upon your data size.

I can provide the links if you require them.

Also, MS and some other scanning tools will recognize your IE homepage of "about:blank" as one particular spyware, I forget which one. Read and verify scan results.

Manual registry edits may be in order depending upon your scanning results. Always export and backup the Registry first.

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by sc3reface In reply to SpyWare Removal

Ive done scanning in safemode then it detects then remove the spyware, but my question is every time i boot up system32 folder shows up, and everytime i open IE set it as a blank page, the same Center) page comes up saying that your pc is infected you should download this and that

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