spyware spamwear from hades

By jamescr ·
I am repeatedly bombarded with a "Spyware Alert:
Security alert" that states windows has detected
an internet attack and "someone" is trying infectt my computer with win.3.Netsky worm. I immediately ran AD-Ware 2007 and downloaded MS Malicious removal tool. the worm is gone and I continue getting this spyware alert and a small orange flashing website come-on from ultimate defender and scanner adware remover program on the windows bottom taskbar. I have no virus software. Iam using windows firewall and use a router. Can I resolve the issue by using aregistry cleaner or will I have to get a virus protection software?

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Smitfraud maybe?

by Roger99a In reply to spyware spamwear from had ...
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You're already infected........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to spyware spamwear from had ...

Most likely, you're infected with what is known as highjackware or crapware, possibly spyware sherrif or one of it's variants, which insists on you purchasing their software to get rid of the pop-up alerts. Since you're not running ANY anti-virus software (not smart!!!!), chances are VERY HIGH that you have many more things running (infections/bugs) than you know about and it's going to be a nightmare to clean up the system.

My personal suggestion would be to take it to a computer repair shop and let them de-bug it for you because you ARE going to run into problems created by all of these BUGS that you won't know how to handle. Some are extremely difficult to remove and get the system back to normal. While it's in the shop, purchase and have them install a GOOD anti-virus program to protect you from these threats in the future.

And, let this be an expensive lesson. NEVER, NEVER connect a computer to the internet without proper protection, PERIOD.

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Re:Spyware spamware from hades

by jamescr In reply to You're already infected.. ...

I found a solution from this website.
The individual that had the infection found this program sdfix.exe
It worked for him and.... for me. I have since
downloaded a protection software. Thanks for input

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