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    SQL 2005 server


    by tomsjoseph ·

    I have a ML370 G3 server with 3 Ghz and 2GB ram
    Just wanted to confirm if this could support 2005 MSQL std. edition?


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      by tomsjoseph ·

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      Well it will run on it, quite happily

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to SQL 2005 server

      It’s not SQL server that will use up all your resources, but what you are doing with SQL Server. This box is sold as a small business server, are you a small business, is the real question?

      Not a daft question, after all according to MS you can run vista on a single core with 1M of ram, true as long as you don’t want anything more than a slow screen saver.

      What OS, is it a dedicated sql server box, how much data, how many users, how many transactions, how good is your network…..

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