SQL & AD connectivity issue.

By kobirapps ·
I have an AD (WinServer_08_R2) & a database server_Sql (WinServer_2016_R2);

While trying to connect with my database it wont connect.

But after pinging few minutes the TTL value increased from 64 to 128 and then it connects.

recently database migrated from WinServer_08_R2 to WinServer_2016_R2.

How can i connect to my sql easily without pinging?
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SQL & AD connectivity issue

by ditstek In reply to SQL & AD connectivity iss ...

Try these steps, hope these will help

1. Open SQL Server Enterprise Manager
2. Go to the database server to which you will be adding the linked server
3. Expand "Security"
4. Right-click on "Linked Servers" and click on "New Linked Server..."
5. Fill in the following:
1. Under the General tab:
2. Linked Server: adsi (or whatever you want to call it)
3. Server type: select Other Data Source
4. Provider name:select OLE DB Provider for Microsoft Directory
5. Under Provider Options: check that Allow InProcess is checked
6. Leave the rest of the fields blank

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