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    Sql and Remotes


    by donclick ·

    I have a sql database w/access 97 front end. Loacal users are working fine – its the remotes, that cant work. I have tested the connectivity to sql w/isql, and seems good, but when they launch the front end, they are prompted for a password. They enter a KNOWN working password and get “ODBC -Connection to “database” failed.” – thats it, no other messages. Anyone have any clues about this?

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      Sql and Remotes

      by erikdr ·

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      Sorry, only a partial answer.
      In the ODBC data sources part of the Control Panel, there are also settings for tracing all ODBC traffic. Additionally, there are freeware utils with more extensive tracing.
      One of the things going wrong often in thisarea is that for accessing a SQL system with Access, not only individual tables but also certain catalog tables need to be accessed. So the userid also needs authorisations for that; in that sense Access does more than the simple isql call you tested. The trace file will show exactly where things go wrong…

      Hope this helps,

      / The Netherlands

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      Sql and Remotes

      by gh0stmaker ·

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      Restart the service on the sql server.

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