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    SQL Backup generates an error after backup


    by nishi57 ·

    I am not sure as to why this is happening, but would like if someone can point me in the right direction or help me fix this error message.

    It is happening with only one of my SQL database, I have setup a “Database Maintenance Plan” for the Database and it’s Transaction logs to get backed up. It takes a complete backup of the database which occurs every week on Sunday at 2:00 AM, and the Transaction Log backup happens from Monday through Saturday at 12:00 AM.

    This is the error message that I am getting –

    “Backup failed to complete the command BACKUP LOG (R1MaxCRM) to DISK = N’D:\SQL BACKUPS\R1MaxCRM\R1MaxCRM_tlog_200708080000.TRN’WITH INIT, NOUNLOAD , NOSKIP , STATS = 10 , NOFORMAT.”

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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      by nishi57 ·

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      by bluemoonsailor ·

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      You’re not really providing enough info for a proper diagnosis. Any error codes and messages from SQL Server will help point the way to finding the source of the problem. That said there are a few things to look into, mostly relating to writing the file.

      o Does the SQL Agent that’s running your backup job have permissions to write to that directory? And, does it also have permission to overwrite/erase previous log files?

      o Is there enough room on the disk for the expected file?

      o Does the backup job run correctly if you initiate it manually?

      o Does the SQL login you’re using for the backup job have permissions on that database to perform the backup?

      o What’s the difference between this server/job and your others that are working fine?

      Just a few directions to get you started. Good Luck tracking things down!

      Steve G.

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