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    SQL Data modules


    by ynk961 ·

    I have been asked to explain and write full data modules of an application with SQL. Can any one help what to write.

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      by ynk961 ·

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      Well if we aren’t having a language difficulty

      by tony hopkinson ·

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      It’s simply a class or library of classes or methods if you aren’t using OO you hide all the SQL inside.

      That way changes to how the data is extracted and saved has no impact on the rest of the system.

      A nice way to do it in OO is to create an interface (or abstract class) and put all the methods on it.
      GetCustomers for instance.

      Then implement/ overide them in the SQLServer Module, the MySQL module the WebService module etc.

      Even if you don’t need that, avoiding having little bits of sql all over your app is big time saver.

      Everything to do with the datasource, table names etc is in one place.

      Being able to have different backends for your front end or different fromtends for you backend (local and online for instance) is a major boon.

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