SQL Database doesn’t work right

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Hi Everyone!
The problem follows. I decided myself to add space to one section. Booted from LiveCd, launched gparted, pitched wrong.

After rebooting fell lilo, but to this I was ready and fixed the problem, but what was not ready, so this is a fact that is impossible to start mysql.

Digging in his logs showed that the problem in the database itself. If you delete a folder with the base and through the mysql_install_db script to re-do, then run mysql, but how to restore the old one?

And as a rhetorical question - why it stopped working due to actions which not directly associated with it?
Can provide (if necessary) the error log.

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Re: SQL Database doesn’t work right

Could you show the error logs? It would very much help.
If I think, it is quite possible that the path to the datadir is not changed. And if you Engin default InnoDB then copy files frm will not save you, because they contain only a description of the structure. The data itself is in ibdata, and they unfortunately lost.
Read more about your problem here:
Try some data recovery program for MySQL, the benefit of the network a lot of them. Try this for example (this program is not free, but I do not trust free software, if you do not like it can look others in the network):
Good luck I hope my answer was useful to you!

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