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SQL database process locks

By rtp2006 ·
We have a particularly heavy duty application that uses a SQL database. I spend a lot of time in the activity monitor killing processes and unblocking the database. Obviously this is not realistic for a long term solution.

My plan is to increase the RAM in the server significantly. Also, I would like to ask our software vendor if they can index the database. Aside from an expensive brand new server or major software upgrades does anybody have suggestions that may provide some short term relief? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

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Is the application failing to close connections?

by robo_dev In reply to SQL database process lock ...

Years ago I got my DBAs all mad at me because I forgot to add oConn.Close to the ASP front end to the database.

Each time a user would hit the page, it would open another session until the server ran out of memory (dowt!)

So the moral of the story is make sure that the app is closing the connections it opens.

Does the app have tunable database parameters? Is it a web app?

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Depends on what sort of locks you are getting

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to SQL database process lock ...

It's quite possible there is no hardware solution..
Certainly unless something very daft is going on, indexes aren't going to help. They'll just find the the thing to lock quicker. How long it's locked for, whether it has to be, is a completely different animal.

Sound to me like it's badly written, unless it's something daft like people using access to link to the production database for MIS reports or somesuch, ie not the software application itself.

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