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SQL Run-time error

By Sprocket ·
I have just started to get the following message on a couple of our VB scripts that try to access SQL.
"Run-time error 2147217871 (80040e31)"

Now i know what this is and means, but how do i fix it. I didnt write the scripts and cannot uncomplile them, but how else can i find and fix this problem?
I have basic knowledge of VB and SQL.

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by rich.lund In reply to SQL Run-time error

If I am right in thinking this is a timeout error coming from the database driver (you haven't included the error message), that the database server is there and that you are actually talking about VB _executables_ not scripts (which would be plaintext, not compiled) then:

- If you cannot access the code, you need to look at network bandwidth to the database server if applicable, then at the performance of the table during queries (has this just started to happen as you get more data?) - you should examine the indices on the table(s) involved and use SQL Server Profiler.

- If you can access the code, perhaps your query is not optimal.

From the info you've given, I guess the solution is down one of these paths.


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by Sprocket In reply to

this dint help, but i figured it out in the end from a bit of research from the web.

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by Sprocket In reply to SQL Run-time error

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