SQL server 2000 error Crystal reports

By Ballart ·
I am trying to create an odbc connection to the sql server but I keep getting an error like this:
Connection failed
SQLState '01000'
Server error: 10061

SQLState '08001'
SQL server error: 17
sql server does not exist or access denied.

I have been able to connect with the 10 other computers I have tried.

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Got a personal firewall?

by robo_dev In reply to SQL server 2000 error Cry ...

The PC connects to the SQL server on port TCP port 1433 and UDP port 1434.

The best way to test this connection is to locate and run the OSQL.EXE comnand line application, which is on the SQL server install CD.

if you type OSQL -L, the PC will query the network for any SQL servers listening at port 1433, unless that port, or some inbound port on the PC are blocked for some reason (e.g. personal firewall).

A quick security check on your server is to type:

osql -S yourservername -U sa -P

if the sa password is blank, OSQL will connect to the server as user 'SA'. :)

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by Ballart In reply to Got a personal firewall?

They are using AVG 8.5, but then so is everyone else I have tried this on. Its looking at port 1433. I have tried it under administrator and that didn't help.

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