SQL Server 2000 Error

By honest_m2002 ·
I have a problem of the client connecting to the server. the error message is as follows:
"The diary database cannot be connected.
The error information is: Cannot locate or
connect to SQL Server.
Unable to connect: SQL Server is unavailable
or does not exist. Genearl network error.
Check your documentation.
When you ping the client the reply is there but still can not connect to the server. Can anyone please help?

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by mpace In reply to SQL Server 2000 Error

Have you checked your ODBC driver connection settins? The username and password of the sql server may have changed.

Is the server up and running? If so, check the network connections for the server as well.

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Could be many things

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to SQL Server 2000 Error

For instance if you have a firewall up and sql server's port is blocked....

If you put the sql client tools on the machine or as the other poster suggested try to connect over odbc (test connection) you might get something more informative.

Can you connect to the server from other machines?

Is this a new install, if so what's different, if not, what's changed?

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Got PM'd on this

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Could be many things

Apparently no other client can connect. But the host can connect itself.

Suggested check of firewall to see if the port is open, and also a check of what protocols are enabled.

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sql server 2000 error

by honest_m2002 In reply to Got PM'd on this

After a though check an a few changes, the clients can log in but after a few minutes about 20 or so the same problem reapears. te enabled protocols are named pipes and tcp/ip.

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