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SQL Server 2000 Replication Please Help!!!

By kanisiousm ·

I have developed my SQL server 2000 database and i am using access 2000 to connect to the server from client machines and is working perfectly. The problem now is that my company established four other offices in the same town. We need to connect to the same database from the different remote areas. All the remote sites have access to the internet. they also have SQL 2000 installed on their servers. How can we use the same data on the main server from the remote servers. Someone talked to me about Replication/XML but I do not know how to do it or any references please help help help...


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first steps

by andrewfarquharson In reply to SQL Server 2000 Replicati ...

Hello Kanisious,

First you need to configure replication on your SQL Servers. The Central one will be configured as the 'Publisher.' The four remote servers will be configured as 'Distributors.'

To set up replication, you must use a login account that is a member of SQL Server's Process Administrators (or higher authority) server role. You can use "sa".

To set up your central SQL Server for replication:

under SQL Server enterprise manager navigate to the Tools/Replication menu and run Configure Publishing and Distribution Wizard. Select your server as Publisher, Distributor and Subscriber server. Proceed using common sense and default settings.

You will have enabled your server as a distributor server, and have created Publishers and Subscribers. This process will also create a New Distribution Database under the server.

Then configure the remote servers. It sounds as though 'Merge Replication' would be most appropriate to your needs.


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by maxwood In reply to SQL Server 2000 Replicati ...

Can you share information on how you were able to sync Access to SQL Server? We need to do same.


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