SQL Server 2000 to SQL SERVER CE

By dbrunelle ·

We are currently developping an application that have two version, a PC version, that uses SQL Server 2005 as a database server, and a Mobile version that use SQL Server CE version.

I know how to create a CE database using Management Studio, but I have to create all table definition by hand.
Since the CE version will have the same structure that the 2005 version, but with only a subset of the informations (which will be inserted by the PC version while the Mobile will be docked), and that the software is still in development (so the table structure is open to change more than once a day), I was wondering if there is any way to copy the structure of the 2005 version into the CE version (with some compromise if needed)?

Do I really have to recreate the structure by hand???

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SQL 2005 has 'Schema Export Wizard'

by robo_dev In reply to SQL Server 2000 to SQL SE ...

In Enterprise Manager:
1) open the databases folder
2) highlight the database you want to generate a SQL script for
3) right-click and select "All Tasks..."
4) select "Generate SQL Script"
the "Generate SQL Script" window pops-up.

At this point, just click on the "select all" button near the
top-right corner. You can select objects individually for scripting at
the bottom-left section of the window or, at the top-left section, you
can select "all tables", etc.

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And after that..?

by dbrunelle In reply to SQL 2005 has 'Schema Expo ...

Once I created the scripts ( I knew that existed but didn't know if I could use it for that or not), how can I apply them to the .sdf file? I connected it to the database server so I can see it on management studio, but I can't 'use' the database with the path.


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