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    SQL Server 2000 training


    by acp2g ·

    Where can you get the best SQL Server 2000 database administration training? Our company implemented an SQL Server 2000 ERP database in November 2006 and we will be bringing an additional division online before the end of this year. The ERP group we purchased our system from does not seem to offer SQL Server 2000 training, which seems odd to me since they developed this version of their ERP system.

    We are not looking for a “get up & go” training, but an in-depth administration training, including schema knowledge.

    Any direction is sincerely appreciated.


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      by acp2g ·

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      Out of date?

      by charliespencer ·

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      The problem is most quality training is oriented toward people who want to take certification tests. Since the release of MS SQL Server 2005, very few people are interested in 2000 certification, so few training centers teach it. The continuing education center of your local technical college or university may still have training materials for 2000. Depending on the size of your staff, they may be willing to arrange training sessions. Of course, there are still plenty of books, CDs, DVDs, etc. available on the web. Since 2000 is not the latest version, they are often available at a discount.

      Keep in mind MS will stop supporting SQL Server 2000 in April of 2008.

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        Thanks & what about best training manuals then?

        by acp2g ·

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        Appreciate the reply and understand the concept. I agree it is definitely outdated, however, our brand new ERP system came with SQL Server 2000 and now we need to administrate it, as they do not seem capable.

        How closely related to SQL Server 2000 is 2003 or 2005?

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          Hopefully someone else can answer

          by charliespencer ·

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          I’m an IT generalist. Hopefully someone else will chime in with detailed answers on your 2000 / 03 / 05 questions. Have you asked the vendor of your ERP package if it will run on 05? I find it odd a new ERP app would come with 2000.

          You usually can’t go wrong with O’Reilly manuals. Microsoft Press manuals are often named after the certification test they prepare you for. Even though they are oriented to test prep, they are still good references. You may be able to find publications from both of these on the web.

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          True “dat”

          by acp2g ·

          In reply to Hopefully someone else can answer

          I definitely agree that you would think the ERP system would already be ready to run with 05, however, they haven’t updated their application and it seems their applications come out “updated” as often as Microsoft is updating their software. Hence, you can imagine the issues we seem to be having.

          Don’t get me wrong, the application seems to be pretty much meeting our needs and our most taxing issues with it are that our internal Production/Materials ordering processes were not thoroughly defined, mapped out, and followed through.

          Hence, the old adage…. “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink”.

          Thanks again for your feedback. Will be looking for online reviews for best options.

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          can give you a negative reference

          by locolobo ·

          In reply to Thanks & what about best training manuals then?

          Just took SQL Server 2000 at the local community college last fall. We used “element K: Microsoft SQL Server 2000” both the Design and Administration manuals. They were expensive and just barely introduced the material.

          Palmetto is right about OReilly. See if you can find some online reviews on specific titles.

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          Thanks for the feedback

          by acp2g ·

          In reply to can give you a negative reference

          Will definitely look up online reviews. Great recommendation. I definitely need to get up to speed fast as we will be implementing our second division on a similar set up.

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