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SQL Server 6.5 SP5a & XP Client - ODBC

By Matt H ·
SQL Server 6.5 SP5a on NT4 SP6a - I know, I know - W2k/SQL2k upgrade happening in the next 6 weeks - but for now:

Connecting to SQL Server with ODBC. The DSN is set for Named Pipes, "\\<Servername>\pipe\sql\query". Works fine. untill this morning, then started gerring Crystal Reports error 08004 - "Login failed -User XXX: is not defined as a valid user of a trusted SQL Server connection"

We are using Windows XP SP1 clients in an AD domain to access a database in an old NT4 domain - trusts both ways, in place, verified and active. Mixed authentication, but they have thier own particular login onto the DB. been working fine for months. The NT server is registered in the AD-Domain's DNS.

The DSN is either reverting to named pipes with just the server name, or TCP/IP connection, but the server is only set up for named pipes, and that's what we want.

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