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By hartson ·
I'm at my wits end trying to get some sort of sensible answer to this question. I have been trying to get it answered for quite a while now on other SQL Server Boards but have not recieved any worthwhile coments, usually only sarcastic belittling responses. Its quite a simple question, i just need to have an authoritive answer, or a few options to present to tech support. I Do hourly transaction log backups, 4 hourly Differential backups and weekly full backups of 10 databases, the largest being 300mb. These backups are stored in a single backup set per database on a remote server and are sweeped up by a nightly tape backup. The tech Support department has complained about the amount of data being sent accross the network for the full backups. Normally i would aggree with them but the full backups are run out of hours. The only constructive answer i have recieved so far is that i should do the all the backups to the a local disk as i should be avoiding backing up over the network, then backup the files to tape once a day. To my mind this is shooting yourself in the foot. If we were to loose this SQL server during operational hours, then the chances are we would have lost that days backups. Tech support have suggested to continue doing the TL backups to the remote server and doing the Full backups to tape. I want to try and avoid this if possible as i want to keep complete backup sets in one location. In a past experience it took me 2 days to restore a 50mb db as they had mixed up the tape changes and kept 360 different backup sets on each tape. I dont mind doing the full backups to tape if i realy have to, as i now will have complete control over every thing (appart from changing the bleeding things) but i realy would prefer to have only one backupset in one location to wory about. Please can you submit 'dignified' responses and provide me with as many options as is possible.

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by cmptrwhz In reply to SQL Server Backups

One possible solution to your problem of bandwidth is to setup a parallel network on a different subnet, say 10.x.x.x. Put 1 additional NIC in each of your SQL boxes, and one additional NIC in your Tape Backup machine and have the data transfer happen across the secondary NIC that you just installed. This way tech support can't complain of the bottleneck on the network because the SQL Backups are not happening on the primary network.
This is the cheapest solution.

Hope this helps.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to SQL Server Backups

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