SQl server connection and name resolving

By wraidy ·
i have 2 sql server each one on different domain with no trust between them.there's ping between them but suddenly something happened and now they can't see each others and from first site if i put the name of the second site it don't login.
I brought the serevr from site2 to site1 network it worked but on the other site it doesn't and eaven i can't authenticate using IP plus on the nework no blocks for it but what i did is adding a DNS entering on site to allow the sql to authnticate and discover the name with IP but the problem still.

Please can someone help me could it be DNS or i need to create a trust between both domain?
Does sql server authenticate and replicate using only IPs but not servername?
IS there's anyway to allow name solving between to domain without creating trust.

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Let's start here

by scott_heath In reply to SQl server connection and ...

What port are you running SQL Server on? The default is 1433. Has that changed? If you can ping between them it isn't a routing issue. If you can telnet to the server name and port number it isn't a firewall issue. SQL Server tries to use the default port when connecting, so if it has changed you need to tell it. It never should have worked, but things can be quirky. Try connecting to "servername,port", ie "SQLSRVR1,1671" and see if that works.


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