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    SQL Server, Database Creation using VB.NET Code


    by madni.abbasi ·


    I think my question is very silly but i expect some solution ‘ll be there. I wanted to create database on SQL SERVER using VB.NET Code and also tables,stored procedures etc. is there any way to do like this or is there any way to create db and transfer some data ?

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      SQL Server and VB Net

      by pweegar1 ·

      In reply to SQL Server, Database Creation using VB.NET Code

      You can create tables in vb .net. That’s not really a big deal. Creqating stored proc, etc, might be harder than it’s worth. Why would you not want to create stored proc, views, etc in SQL Server itself?????

      And everytime you run your application, you would need to check for the existance of the stored procedure. IF it exists, you would either have to drop it and recreate it, or disregard it. To me, this isn’t very efficent.

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