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    SQL server? Do I need it?


    by mezdor ·

    We have 3 systems that linked to a server, Major function of these are the accounting coumputers and there software.
    3 sys’s w/ XP Pro.
    1 Server w/ Server 2000
    We are using a domain and Active Dir.
    DO I need SQL server? and what would be the point if I already run server 2000?

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      Reply To: SQL server? Do I need it?

      by mike.lee ·

      In reply to SQL server? Do I need it?

      SQL Server is good for a multiple use enviroment, however if you are only using a few computers you will probably be ok using Access as you database. As your use base grows beyond just a couple computers SQL Server is more ideal. I would look into other databases as well, like MySQL or PostgreSQL. These are relitivaly cheaper and will give you great performance.

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      Reply To: SQL server? Do I need it?

      by lordinfidel ·

      In reply to SQL server? Do I need it?

      Maybe I am missing something…..

      Why run database software at all? What is the point since a DB such as sql or access has nothing to do with a domain architecture or network access.

      Are you planning on writing custom accounting software that needs a DB backend. If yes then sql would be approptiate.

      Basically what would you be accomplishing by installing SQL, which BTW should be run on it’s own server.

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