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By m.dunster ·

I'm hoping someone will be able to help. With the help of the product developer and a contractor we have developed a version of our software to run on SQL Server Express rather than a desktop database. Neither the contractor or developer are great hardware experts.

I am looking at the Database Server as I have already decided that it will require a dedicated machine. My question is firstly - Server technology or just High end desktop with lots of ram, multicore processor and some SCSI or SAS drives.

Then secondly, operating system: again Server technology or XP Pro with the connections limitation removed ?

The application is likely to have up to 10 concurrent users per database, and obviously is more high volume low data size rather than a large infrequently queried one.

Any suggestions gratefully received!



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The right solution

by robo_dev In reply to SQL Server Express Databa ...

is to use a server to do the job of a server.

Using a workstation to do the job of a server is a technical cul-de-sac. Most likly in another month, some additional requirement will make you wish you were running a server from day one.

Windows 2003 is much more secure than XP pro, and if you ever think you may need a web server, the one in XP is very limited.

Under the covers there are not tremendous technical differences, other than the fact that XP can support two processors and 2K3 up to eight. Many server applications, however, will not install on an XP box.

Of course if you used VMWare on a server, you could have a development, staging, and production instance of your app on the same box.

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Well seeing as it's Express

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to SQL Server Express Databa ...

it should run on a reasonable desktop under XP / Vista. That's what express is designed for.

Putting it on a server isn't going to hurt, in fact it will help, but the whole point of express is it's free, so having to trundle out and buy a dedicated server sorts of kicks that into touch somewhat.

As robodev said though, what other srver based stuff do you want / need back up solutions for instance. If you expect the thing to grow sticking it on something you know is going to be too small might appear expedient in the short term, but moving this sort of thing about can generate some very annoying wrinkles when you come to do the 'simple' task.

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