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SQL Reporting - is cool

by gregkasp In reply to SQL Server Forum

I've taken a 2 day course of how to use SQL Reporting. It is a very nice tool. It comes with a website where you can view, schedule, generate, export the reports as well as modifiy the data source to point to a different server/DB. So, what's so exiting for me as developer? All you can see on the site, you can do yourself. SQL Reporting has a Web Service which gives you all the functionality. ok, it took me 10 minutes to be able to create a simple windows application (in C#) which uses the Web Service to generate the report, and saves it on your local PC.

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What am I missing?

by bwalker@work In reply to SQL Reporting - is cool

I must be missing something, because Reporting Services strikes me as a glorified web page editor, generator, and server. It could have kept the productive report designer of Access. It could have kept the very capable reporting engine of Access. It could have topped that off with additional distribution mechanisms. It could have built a quality internal report format and reduced that to PDF or HTML as necessary. Instead, it appears to start with the lowest common denominator (HTML) and attempt to promote that to a higher quality report format.

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How to autonumber in a view

by durgesh_karanjkar In reply to What am I missing?

I want a column in the view which gives me the numbering in ascending order irrespective of the order by clause i use in the view.

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Get Real

by davidbranch1 In reply to SQL Server Forum

I hate to but love MS Software, This has be there worst interface yet. It feels like I am working with a cheap data grid control.


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Get Real

by davidbranch1 In reply to SQL Server Forum

I hate to but love MS Software, This has be there worst interface yet. It feels like I am working with a cheap data grid control.


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What are you currently Using for External Reporting?

by msprygada In reply to Get Real

We currently are using Crystal Reports internally using Report Application Server. While I love CR, the RAS is lame and is useless for external customers. We are evaluating Reporting Services because we need a tool to produce reports for external customers and RS can do this expensively. What are you currently using to provide external secure reporting? Our criteria is that we are a small company of 20 and can't afford $20 to 50K solutions as big companies can.

Thanks for you replies.


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Active Reports can be streamed as a PDF to the browser

by jerryj In reply to What are you currently Us ...

All you need is Active Reports 2.0. Build yourself a VB DLL that you can call from your web server. Have your class do this:
1. Accept parameters for report creation
2. Create the report
3. Generate a unique name at a path on your website
4. Export the report as a PDF
5. Now, just redirect the user's browser to that file (assuming they have adobe reader installed)

This is very inexpensive.

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In Response to Enhance Enterprise Manager with Access

by Tom_Loyd In reply to SQL Server Forum

In this article, the author stated that Access 2003 could not provide a direct hook into a SQL 2000 Server to provide better management than SQL Enterprise Manager. Well, Mr. Arthur Fuller, the same concept also works in Access 2003. I just did it, and not only did I just do it, I found the information (for giggles and grins) on how to do it in the help file after doing a search there for MS SQL Server 2000. Here's what it said in the Access 2003 Help file:
Connect an Access project to a Microsoft SQL Server database (ADP)
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Some of the content in this topic may not be applicable to some languages.

You can connect a Microsoft Access project (Microsoft Access project: An Access file that connects to a Microsoft SQL Server database and is used to create client/server applications. A project file doesn't contain any data or data-definition-based objects such as tables and views.) to a Microsoft SQL Server (Microsoft SQL Server database: A database in Microsoft SQL Server, it consists of tables, views, indexes, stored procedures, functions, and triggers.) database. If the Access project is already connected to a Microsoft SQL Server, you can change that connection.

1. Open the Access project that you want to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server.

2. On the File menu, click Connection. If the Connection menu command is not visible, click the arrows at the bottom of the File menu to display the entire list.
Note The Connection command is available only when an Access project file (a file with an .adp extension) is open.

3. On the Connection tab in the Data Link Properties dialog box, enter a server name and the information necessary to log on to the server, and then select the database on the server. For additional information, click Help in the Data Link Properties dialog box.

Just an FYI for you out there that may have not tried it out. It works wonderfully well. If you have MS Office 2k3 and SQL Server 2K, you will still be able to manage them wonderfully. Hope this helps someone out.

Also, I do have to say to Arthur Fuller that this has been one of the best tips that I have gotten out of the newsletters. In fact, I have told just about everyone I know about his suggestion and they have all been blown away at how easy it is to use over SQL Server's Enterprise Manager. Plus, it has helped me out at work quite a bit now too.
Tom Loyd

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Thank you for your comments

by MaryWeilage Editor In reply to In Response to Enhance En ...

Dear Mr. Loyd,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this SQL Server e-newsletter. It's wonderful to hear that you enjoyed the tip.

I aplogize for the error regarding Access 2003 in that tip. We ran the following correction in the 3/16 edition of the e-newsletter:

Last week's SQL Server e-newsletter, "Enhance Enterprise Manager with Access," incorrectly stated that Access 2003 does not support Microsoft Access project (ADP) files. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We greatly value your feedback.

Best Regards,
Mary Weilage

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About TOAD Software mentioned on last newsletter

by TSoft In reply to SQL Server Forum

In the last Sql Sever newletter Arthur Fuller talked about TOAD and he said it was migrated to SQL Sever, however when I checked it out, it was only available for Oracle?..I think there's was a mistake with the tool.the have another product called "Quest Central for databases" that the correct?

Thanks in advance!

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