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    SQL Server Install / Web Access


    by don_atlanta ·

    We are evaluating the install of SQL Server to support management queries of market data. This install will be updated before work each day from the production AS/400 server that is remote from our location. In the future, we are looking to make client queries available to external large corporate clients over the web. I am soliciting input on the platform structure that would be appropriate.

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      by the igneous group ·

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      Good choice. AS/400 can be relatively painful.

      Why not create a simple web front-end and put canned querries on a web server connected on your lan to the SQL server?
      Not sure what you want w.r.t. platform structure. 1 Web server, 1 SQL server, secure connectivity to your AS/400 from the SQL server (isolated from everything else) and secure connectivity from you Web server to your SQL server.

      Just my $00.02

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