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    SQL Server Installation problem


    by chaminda ·

    I installed Sql Server 7 to another W2k prof. pc and after that Sqlserver 2000 it was worked & another pc got a problem it’s give a msg u can install components onley pls give me a support

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      SQL Server Installation problem

      by tduval ·

      In reply to SQL Server Installation problem

      Your user have insuffisent rights to complete full install.

      You have to choose between Full (client & server), client, and connectivity only. For a client, if you don’t need Entreprise manager, choose connectivity only.

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      SQL Server Installation problem

      by dwdtech ·

      In reply to SQL Server Installation problem

      Is sounds like you have the full blown version of SQL 2000 or an Enterprise Edition of SQL 2000 and the problem comes from the Professional version of Windows. SQL 2000 was designed for server platforms, you need to make sure that you are installingthe MSDE version (Desktop Edition of SQL Server). The only version of SQL 2000 that I have been able to install on 2000 Pro or XP Pro has been the Developer Edition. All others give you an error saying that you can only install the components. You usually have an option from the initial install screen to install the desktop edition.

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