Sql Server Scripts Performance

By alberto_neves ·
Hello, it would like helping for finding a paper referring to best sql Server scripts planning about performance, once i read a list off 10 steps to best optimize a sql server database, but i lost that email, can nay one help me on this? Thanks.

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Well I'd take the best way to optimise a database

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Sql Server Scripts Perfor ...

with a large bucket of salt, but for tips, tricks and techniques, this site takes some beating.

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by alberto_neves In reply to Well I'd take the best wa ...

Thanks Tony, i will take a look and see if i find what i'm looking, i need a list off scripts to implement to take the best palning and performance off a sql data base.

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No such animal

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Thanks

Basically this is optimisation. Optimise for X, and you lose some Y. You can't consider the database in isolation, the implementaion e.g. hardware and DBMS choice and most definbitley the uses and usage patterns gerenarlly have a far greater impact than say 6NF, even 3NF in some cases.

Add an index to speed up a selection, you slow every change to the indexed fields.
Populate it sparsely you use more space, compact it it's even slower.

No free lunches. If for isntance inserts of new values are infrequent, then you can afford the index. If it's getting hammered in say a high speed data collection system, may be not.

Best solution depends on what you are solving, and in alot of cases there isn't a right answer, just one that's less wrong at the moment.

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